Your Guide to Happy, Healthy Kids

As parents, we want the best for our kids. That’s why we’ve created the Dr. Sylma Learning Center for dedicated parents, just like you. Explore to find skincare guidance on eczema and sensitive skin, healthy recipes, parenting tips and more.

The Power of Calendula: A Guide to Nourishing Skincare for Babies and Children

A few years back, my passion for skincare and love for my patients and kids motivated me to create a nourishing skincare line for little ones. In the process of developing the line, I delved into the science behind several medicinal herbs and plants

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The Issue with Fragrance and Chronic Eczema

Sniff, sniff– What is that strong smell? It might be the added fragrance in your lotion, shampoo, cleaning products or little one’s skincare. As parents, naturally we want the best for our children. That includes caring for their delicate and sensitive skin.
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Essential Oils and Eczema

Have you tried essential oils? This wellness trend is all over lately and some oils claim to help with relaxation, skin health, mood regulation and more. While essential oils have become a popular alternative treatment for many health concerns, it's important to remember that not all forms of treatment are safe for everyone, especially children. 
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How Pets Can Impact Your Little One’s Eczema

Is your little one constantly struggling with eczema flare ups? Have you overhauled your family’s nutrition, home environment, skincare and still haven’t seen an improvement? 
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Tame Your Little One’s Eczema with the Right Moisturizer + Soothing Balm

How is your little one’s skin lately? Eczema is such a tricky condition for children (and their parents who help treat it) because it has a pattern of flaring up.
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Genes, Stress and Allergens: Is There an Eczema Link?

Sadly, chronic eczema can cause stress to a lot of families since the cause of eczema and flare-ups is often unknown. It can feel like you are in a maze searching for answers...
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How Genetics Play a Role in Chronic Eczema

Wondering where your child’s chronic or severe eczema came from? The reason for eczema and flare-ups is not exactly known by medical professionals yet. Even though...
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All About Eczema in Babies & Children

As a parent you want your child to be healthy, and right now if you are reading this, you are likely seeing your precious little one suffer from chronic eczema or painful, dry, sensitive skin. This chronic skin condition...
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