Veronica R.

I love my Dr Sylma balm! My boys’ skin take a beating in the summer with all the chlorine pools and salty beach water. They get so dried out and my oldest is prone to eczema. I’ve tried every brand - affordable to expensive - and nothing comes close to the quality and longevity of the balm. I use it religiously and my boys LOVE it. It’s NOT thick and doesn’t get on everything. It just soaks in the skin and does what it’s supposed to do. Can’t rave about it enough!

Cindy J.

We are so happy with this balm! Perfect for diaper rash. We also used it on our baby’s skin after a beach day, maintained her skin hydrated!

On a side note, my lips chapped easily, and this has been my go to lip balm every morning before leaving the house and i have seen amazing improvements!

Maria T.

Dr. Sylma’s Lovingly Organic Balm has become my go-to product for my children’s skin issues. Whenever they are itchy from a rash or dry skin, I always apply the balm, and they feel better. It’s gotten to the point that they will now specifically ask for the balm when their skin is itchy! It even works on bug bites! I put some balm on some bites *as soon as* I got bitten. They never bothered me again! This balm is amazing! I can’t wait to use it on my third child once he’s born. 🙂

Jennifer R.

When it comes to our baby's health, we always try to choose the best products. That is why we decided to try the Dr. Sylma brand ointment, we were stunned on how amazing this product is, it helped very fast with diapper rash and whatever skin irritation my baby had, with out the chemicals. I really love it and will continue using it, highly recommended. Thank you Dr Sylma!

Kelly D.

After researching chemical free skin care products for children l, I discovered Dr. Sylma’s “baby balm.” I wanted my son’s skin to stay soft and moisturized, but did not want to expose him to unnecessary chemicals. I fell in love with the natural smell and texture of the baby balm! It leaves my son’s skin soft without a greasy residue. I am so happy that I found this product. Our bath time/ bedtime routine always includes our baby balm!

Mindy R.

Our family absolutely loves this balm! My kids love to apply this balm after they have dried off from a bath. Its multi-purpose use is wonderful, from nourishing my dry cuticles and lips, to minimizing my kids scars and keeping their skin moisturized. It’s a great alternative treatment for rashes, sunburns and itches. It’s hydrating without leaving your skin sticky, it’s not thick or chunky either. The coco smell isn’t overpowering and a little goes a long way! What I love most about this product is that it’s free of harsh chemicals and that it’s made of gentle organic ingredients. I feel safe using it on my family and on myself. It’s a must for any mom or anyone in that matter that’s looking for a multi-purpose balm that does it all!

Anita K.

I’ve used this Balm on my grandson who gets eczema. It soothes, smells delicious and along with a little massage while applying puts him right to sleep. I’ve tried most of the otc products for eczema and this has had the best results. I also use it on my lips to moisturize.

Esther V.

The Dr. Sylma skincare line has done wonders for my children with extremely sensitive skin and eczema. We use it daily to help moisturize and keep their skin well hydrated. The Dr. Sylma all-organic balm absorbs well and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. Finally, a product my children and I both love! The best part as a mother knowing that Dr. Sylma is a mother herself, and a pediatrician with 20+ years makes it without a doubt an easy decision to use Dr. Sylma skincare line.