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Sometimes, in the battle against childhood eczema, you needa little extra support.  Meet + connect with other parents!

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Wish you could ask an expert questions about your child’s eczema condition? You can!  Dr. Sylma will chime in with skincare tips + tricks, and answer member questions.

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I’ve been a dedicated pediatrician,treating childhood eczema for over 20 years.


I’m also a parent to three wonderful kids. I know how challenging it is for parents with littles who have eczema. I’ve seen it firsthand in my patients AND in my own personal experience.  It breaks my heart to see little ones and their  parents suffering with this awful condition. It doesn’t have to be this way. With the right tools (knowledge, skincare, patients), your precious babe CAN heal.


That’s why I created Dr. Sylma Eczema Mamas.


Sometimes, you need a little extra support. And when it comes to healing eczema in kids, it takes a village: a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner, skincare that WORKS and trusted advice.


Please join this warm, supportive community today! This is YOUR eczema-care village. Here, you’ll have access to parents (just like you), tips + tricks for eczema skincare, and so much more.


We’re so excited to meet you and help your family in this journey toward eczema recovery.


See you in the group!