Expert Tips to Successfully Potty Train your Toddler

November 07, 2019 3 min read

Expert Tips to Successfully Potty Train your Toddler

A huge milestone for toddlers and parents is the start of potty training. This process includes so much time and dedication, but it will give toddlers the chance to feel accomplished!

Each child is different when it comes to potty training. It may instantly click for some, while others it can be a struggle for a while.

As a parent, you may become discouraged, but it’s important to stick to it and show them it can be done!


Just like becoming a parent, you read all of the baby books. With this new milestone, take the opportunity to grab some fun potty books for you and your toddler. Reading together will provide them with some knowledge about what they are starting.

And now that you’re a parent, all privacy has gone out the window, so I’m sure your little ones are following you in to the bathroom every chance they get.

Take this as a training and show them how to use the bathroom. Show them what to do, where to go, where they can flush the toilet and how to wash their hands.


Words of affirmation are excellent for milestones like this!

Keep them encouraged with lots of clapping, hugs and praising them any time they do a great job. They’ll recognize how excited you are and how well they are doing, providing them with the confidence to do it again.

Potty Training


Start with a small personal portable potty. Keep it in the main bathroom so they can become accustomed to seeing it and using it as their own. The clean-up can be a little messy, but as they start to get a routine, switch to an attachable toilet seat.

A step stool is a fun accessory and helps them reach either the big toilet, or use it to wash their hands afterwards. Etsy has a few great shops with personalized step stools!

Giving your toddler the opportunity to choose underwear is a big deal! This allows them to feel independent and responsible for this new milestone of potty training.

Pull-ups are useful for naps and bedtime. These are easy for toddlers to pull on and off and helps with the transition. A lot of times, night time training will take a little longer until they can start holding their bladders for longer periods of time.


Keep it consistent. It will seem tedious, but toddlers respond well with consistency and routine.

Your toddler may respond “No”, but try to eliminate any distractions and make sure they’re aware when their body is telling them it’s time to go potty.

Make a DIY potty chart. Create a calendar for every day of the week. One sticker for trying to go potty, two stickers for peeing on the potty and three stickers for pooping on the potty.

They’ll have fun putting the stickers on the board themselves!


Take your toddler shopping! Give them the chance to pick out their own pair of undies so they can feel responsible.

When they have a great week of taking potty breaks, reward them with a toy they’ve been wanting. This will give them the encouragement to keep trying.

Toddlers are known for being stubborn, but keep it simple and eliminate distractions.

Final Thoughts on Potty Training

Potty training is such a huge milestone for toddlers! You’ll probably receive a lot of “no’s” from your toddler, but make sure they’re recognizing when they have the urge to use the restroom. Remove any distractions and ensure they use the potty before playing with their toys or starting a new puzzle. This new transition is a challenge for not only toddlers, but parents as well. Stick together and go through this process as a team!

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