Your Guide to Happy, Healthy Kids

As parents, we want the best for our kids. That’s why we’ve created the Dr. Sylma Learning Center for dedicated parents, just like you. Explore to find healthy recipes, parenting tips, wellness advice and more.

What to Ask When Choosing a Pediatrician

The most important aspects of my practice are to take great care of my patients, to ensure confidence to all parents and to build long-lasting relationships with my patients and their families. I’m always excited and eager to meet new families and their littles, but I also understand that this might be intimidating and scary…

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How Gentle Calendula Benefits Your Kids’ Delicate Skin

Last year, I decided to develop a nourishing skincare line for little ones out of concern and love for my patients and my kids. During my research creating the skincare line, I had the chance to study up on the science behind a range of medicinal herbs and plants. After pouring over research, Calendula officinalis…

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10 Crucial Sun Care Tips for Babies and Children

It is so important to protect your child’s skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure year-round. The summer months bring plenty of fun, but it is especially vital around this time to consider your little one’s skincare. Excessive sun damage can put your child at risk for blisters, burns, and dry, irritated skin. Luckily,…

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Caring for a Child with Eczema: Tips from Dr. Sylma

Every day at the office, I receive questions from concerned parents about eczema, and what it can mean for their child. Sadly, this skin condition is extremely common nowadays. I see it in kids of all ages, from young infants to teenagers. Some children have their eczema well-controlled, while others have such a chronic condition,…

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